Manuel Fernandez

 Spanish to english translator

Specializing in medicine and law


Welcome to my site! I’m a linguist with over 20 years’ experience specializing in medical and legal translations. I use the latest tools and industry practices to provide outstanding professional service.



Spanish to English translator ● Specializing in medical and legal translations ● Bachelor’s degree in Biology ● 20 years' experience ● Certified medical interpreter ● Certificate of Completion from a course in legal translation and interpretation


Language Line Services, Monterey, CA. (the company is now called LanguageLine Solutions) 1996-2015

Interpreter for communications between individuals and professionals at:

  • Medical & Healthcare Facilities (hospitals/clinics, physicians' offices, laboratories)
  • Courts & Legal Entities (court interviews, hearings, and court proceedings)
  • Government & Business Entities (FEMA, Medicare/Medicaid, Microsoft)
  • Financial & Insurance Institutions (IRS, banks, stock brokers, auto and life insurance)

What I learned from this experience besides the practical discipline needed to get a collaborative job done well and the knowledge that comes from thousands of hours interpreting my two languages across all fields I learned that humility, respect, and hard work are paramount for right livelihoods.


Universidad Interamericana Recinto San German, P.R. — Degree

Miami-Dade Community College, Miami, Fl. — Certificate


Work diligently on the transition from interpreter to translator. Accept only jobs that showcase my dominant language (Spanish to English). And focus more on medical and legal translations, while still working other fields.


about me


I have native proficiencies in Spanish and English, for I learned both at an early age. I am meticulous about including everything in my translations, steadfast in finding exact equivalents between texts, and have a fine-tuned sense of when to use a literal translation and when to paraphrase. This way I can provide complete, accurate, and fluent translations.

My background includes twenty years as an over-the-phone interpreter for the company now called LanguageLine Solutions where I had the privilege to interpret for a wide variety of clients across all fields. I was an all-call certified medical interpreter with legal training.

Also, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Certificate of Completion from a course in legal translation and interpretation with an introduction to computer-assisted translation software (Trados).

Lastly, my attraction to technology has spurred strong computer proficiency in publishing software, file formats, and most CAT tools.






$0.03 per word

Common prices:

  • One double spaced page: 250 words = $7.50
  • One single spaced page: 500 words = $15.00
  • Two single spaced pages: 1000 words = $30.00





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